Natural Jute Rugs - Style Tips

Jute Rugs are one of the latest trends in home styling. Ethically sourced from hand weavers in India, Harrison & Co are excited to stock striking and elegant designs. The earthy and neutral palette means that the rug can remain a mainstay throughout each season. Read on for styling tips to ensure your Jute Rug will look fabulous in your home!

Magnolia Jute Rug


With such beautiful, neutral, earthy tones the Jute Rug is a perfect complement to bright punchy colours. Combine the rug with vibrant orange pieces to create a room that will cheer you up on a dreary winter's day.

Size Matters

The rug should sit comfortably under the feet of the sofa and any adjoining sofas. It should be at least as wide as the sofa or wider. If the rug goes under a side table consider that it will make the side table uneven. 

Dining Room Feature

A rug in the dining room is not common but it can be the one thing to finish off the room and give your dining table an anchor and base. It can also soften the solid feel of most dining settings.

Lotus Jute Rug

I will admit that the first time I saw the pictures of jute rugs I admit I wasn't overly impressed. They looked rough and uncomfortable. Who would want to sit on those? I'm pleased to say my first impressions were wrong. Now that I've become personally acquainted with Jute Rugs I can say they are remarkably comfortable. You certainly wouldn't be rubbing your face against them, but you can easily sit on the rug without itching away. 

What do you think of Jute Rugs? Share your styling tips below!

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