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Harrison & Co are proud to stock selected Thankyou Body Care products. Thankyou is a social enterprise that was founded in 2008. From day one, the vision was to empower the everyday Australian to change the world through a simple choice within their everyday life. Thankyou has three product ranges – Thankyou Water, Thankyou Food and Thankyou Body Care – each exist for the sole purpose of funding water, food and health and hygiene projects in developing nations.

To date, Thankyou has funded:

  • Safe water access for 90,368 people across 11 different countries;
  • Health and hygiene training for 87,765 people through projects in India, Laos, Bangladesh and Myanmar; and
  • 15,216 people secure short-term food supply and long-term food security in Kenya and Cambodia.

Being a social enterprise, after all the costs involved in bringing you great products are taken care of, every cent left to Thankyou funds life-changing projects.

You can see the exact details of the project your product is assigned to fund, complete with village info and GPS coordinates, by using our Track your Impact page system.

Thankyou Body Care funds projects that promote health and hygiene education amongst communities. These programs consist of educating communities in personal, food, water and household hygiene through a broad range of mediums (such as school-based curriculums, or community-led classes). Every Thankyou Body Care purchase directly contributes to one person receiving health and hygiene training.


Instagram: @thankyougroup

Click here to view Thankyou Body Care products stocked by Harrison & Co.

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