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    Our first Sunday Showcase feature is MAYDE - a great Australian business providing beautiful Turkish Towels. We have selected some of our favourite designs to stock here at Harrison & Co. Owner Sylvia Hill gives us some insight into her business. 

    Mayde Turkish Towels

    A bit of background

    We're originally from Sydney, but in 2011 my husband Tim and I relocated to the Gold Coast for his work. I was pregnant at the time so I didn't take on any full time work, just freelanced. Previously through, I'd worked in production/PR for a menswear label, and prior to that I'd flitted between work in the fashion and entertainment industries. Between us, we had experience in sales, marketing, PR, production and of course customer service! 

    What inspired you to start your business?

    As I just had our first boy, Duke, and didn't have a job to return to, I started getting itchy feet. I like to be busy and I love working - so Tim and I decided to plunge head first into starting our own business, something we'd talked about doing over a number of years. We always wanted to start a towel business, and after having a baby and living on the Gold Coast, we could see straight away what the market was lacking - Turkish towels. We started researching and found the more we looked, the more we knew we were on the right track. Our beautiful Australian climate, the beaches and the the outdoorsy nature of Aussies in general would benefit from these great lightweight, fast drying and absorbent towels - and after learning about the history of Turkish towels (peshtemals), we knew we'd found our calling :)

    What inspires your designs?

    The producers of our Turkish towels use designs that have been around forever - so a lot of the towels are classic and hark back to an earlier time. There are also more recent designs that we collaborate on with our suppliers, producing our own colours and tweaking the weaves slightly or adding colours to, so that they're more unique to us. When we are selecting our ranges, we basically go off the things we love - what we know will work for our climate, for the current trends, and what we can do that's actually slightly off trend but still ideal for the MAYDE customer searching for something different (we believe that when you purchase a Turkish towel, you're not buying it to use solely as a towel - they can be used in many facets of our lifestyle and we factor this in when we're selecting designs and colour ways.)

    Mayde Kirra Turkish Towel - Mint / Grey

    What does the future hold for your business?

    Onwards and upwards! We have already started including beach blankets in the range and are planning on expanding the offering in that range. We will continue to select beautiful towels (you can never have enough, as most customers will tell us) and have a few collaborations on the horizon that we're really excited about. We're also expanding our distribution - you can now purchase MAYDE products around the world! NZ, Japan, Europe as well as California and shortly in Hawaii. It's really exciting to see our little home grown brand going global. 

    A final word

    One of the great things about Turkish towels is their history - most of our designs are still hand loomed (a 600 hundred year old tradition) and designs such as the Rainbow can take months in production (they only make 5 of those a day!). Often with the hand loomed towels, the cotton threads don't always get dyed the same so you'll find from one shipment to the next you'll have slightly different colours or perhaps the stone washed towels might come in a different shade - mostly, these are happy accidents that actually make the towels and blankets that much more unique. Most of our customers are happy that they get something that's just a little different and has a story behind it :)

    Instagram: @mayde_australia

    Click here to view the range of MAYDE products stocked by Harrison & Co. 



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