The Power of Hexagon and Marble Combined

I have to say that the hexagon is definitely shaping up (lame pun intended) to be a popular motif. Angles provide that added touch of interest, while maintaining the silhouette of your classic circle. Using a hexagonal shape for a coaster is the ideal modern take on the humble coaster.
Marble Hexagon CoasterHexagon Marble Coaster Pile
But what could be better than a hex coaster? One that's made out of marble! The natural veins of marble add beautiful detail and character to each coaster. Do I also need to mention that the organic beauty of natural stone is a trend that will never be out of style? 
We're excited to have these coasters available in sets of 4. Is this a good number or would you prefer to see them come in sets of 6 or 8? Let me know in the comments below!
Fiona M

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