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Everybody has so much going on in their lives it's hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done. In an effort to get myself organised, I came across a great Daily Planner printable from Milamie & Co. Best of all it's free!

Free Daily Planner Printable | photo by Milamie & Co

Milamie & Co is a blog and online store inspiring and encouraging you to put together creative spaces and events for the little people in your life. Featuring kids party inspiration, spotlight on great children's businesses and free printables, this is a blog to keep an eye on! You can read Lauren's full article about her daily planner here

Milamie & Co Daily Planner

Lauren has created a wonderful daily planner to help you keep on track. The to-do list is a must because everyone loves the feeling of crossing off each task as it's completed. There is a section for your daily appointments and what's ahead tomorrow. My favourite parts? The reminders to keep active and stay hydrated!

Milamie & Co Daily Planner

You can download the Milamie & Co daily planner in mint or peach.

I know everyone has a smart phone with to-do lists and calendars but nothing beats the satisfaction of putting things in writing. What do you do to keep yourself organised? Are you a staunch supporter of pen and paper or electronic all the way? Let me know in the comments below!

images courtesy of Milamie & Co

Fiona M

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