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This week, we have a chat with Cassie from Cheeky Reubens. This business creates fantastic pendant lights which plug into your normal power point. So no need for an electrician to do wiring!

A Bit of Background

We are both red heads, and we are cheeky, hence the name. We met in high school, dated for 7 years and married just over 2 years ago. Pete's an Engineer, I'm a high school Visual Arts teacher. We are Shire folk (Sutherland Shire). We like to think we are pretty friendly. We like to make new friends. We are a hard working team, we love what we do, and we come up with our brilliant ideas at the most random times.

What inspired you to start your business?

Well... long story short, I wanted a pendant light for a bedside lamp. We were renting at the time, so I could not wire anything into the roof. I researched, but I could not find any Australian plug-in pendant light companies. I ended up making one from bits and pieces with the assistance of a friendly electrician Mitch. And then it came to us like an epiphany (ha!).

What inspires your designs?

We did a lot of research into lighting design. We love the vintage industrial cages that we always see in trendy cafe's, restaurants and shops. We thought we would continue along this theme, and along came our concrete range. Pete plays with concrete everyday, mainly designing large apartment blocks, so he knows a bit about it. I think more about the design aesthetic. Pete makes sure they are structurally sound.

What does the future hold for your business?

Wow, so many things! We are planning, designing, drawing, deciding on things every day! There is so much more to come, just you wait.

Instagram: @cheekyreubens

Click here to view the range of Cheeky Reubens lights stocked by Harrison & Co.

Fiona M

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