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Happy Easter! I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend and you haven't gorged on too many chocolates. Captain + Co creates gorgeous felt bunting and wall hangings for your little person. This week Kim tells us more about herself and Captain + Co. So grab another chocolate or hot cross bun and have a read!

A bit of background

Before having my daughter Mabel, I lived in Melbourne working my dream job as an Account Director at a top Design Agency. I worked long days on million dollar accounts and wore heels daily… even on photo shoot and filming days. When I wasn’t working, I was socialising with a great group of friend’s… bars, dinners, cafes, brunches, lunches, cocktails and ginger ales.  So much fun! I was 30 and had given up on finding the perfect man to settle down and have a family with, then whammo. I met Bill. My Mr Perfect. Everything changed. I was head over heels in love and moving to Tasmania to marry the love of my life.

Captain + Co Batman Bunting 

What inspired you to start your business?

I love my Daughter. I love my home. But I’m not good at sitting still and doing nothing. I knew I would need more than being a stay at home Mum. It’s a tough job in itself, but I’ve always loved, and needed, to be creative. When I was getting Mabel’s room ready, before she arrived, I really struggled to find pieces that I wanted to hang on her walls. So I decided to make some. I made a few pieces for her room then a friend suggested I sell some either at markets or on Instagram. Instagram? Sell on Instagram? Surely not! I thought it was just for sharing photos. Oh boy. How wrong I was. That was 5 months ago. The beginning of Captain + Co. Now I’m happily making lots of little treasures for your little treasures.

What inspires your designs?

I really love to be hands on. I hand cut, hand sew, hand paint and hand draw everything in my store. I like to move with the trends, but I also like to not flood the market with same same but different items. I take pride in creating original pieces and trying to always come up with new ideas. Basically, if I wouldn’t hang it in my home or gift it to a friend, I wont make it. I love to love my designs. Lame but true!

What does the future hold for your business?

Hopefully bigger and better things! I’m taking a short creative break over Easter and have been busy working on some different designs. New flags, new garlands, new buntings, new materials, some art and everything in-between. Thanks for all your support so far and I cant wait to share the new stuff with you all soon.

Instagram: @captainco.tasmania

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