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Julor Basics creates delicious smelling beeswax candles and hand made olive oil soaps. The cute busy bees soaps are almost too cute to use! Lorraine has given us an in-depth look into her business.

Beeswax Candle and Grapefruit Olive Oil Soap

A brief bio

My husband and I are passionate about enjoying the basic things in life. Our home is our haven and nothing gives us greater pleasure than digging up the latest season’s crops from our veggie patch, collecting fresh eggs from our hen house, gathering a bunch of flowers from our lush garden or simply enjoying it all with our closest friends and family.  

Sourcing beautiful home wares is also a hobby of mine and local online stores like Harrison & Co provide a constant supply of unique and bespoke items. My professional background lies in the corporate world but my dream is to establish my own business that contributes to our local community. Julor Basics allows me to combine my personal interests, my business skills and my local ideals into the one complete package. There is nothing quite like the thrill of sharing your creations and seeing others enjoy them.

How did Julor Basics come into existence?

Learning to make olive oil soaps began as a hobby to help balance the pressures of my daily job. Right from the beginning I loved the process of experimenting with different recipes and then sharing them with family and friends.  Before long, Julor Basics had taken on a life of its own as it sparked my creative outlet and placed a greater focus on quality local products. They say it’s not work if you love what you do!  

The name Julor Basics is a combination of what’s important to me. Julor is a blend of my husband’s name with my name and Basics keeps the focus on traditional methods and simple pleasures. In our busy modern lives there is a certain luxury in the simplicity of these products. It’s certainly about quality, not quantity.  

Lorraine Julor Basics

Does your day job help you with your night job?

My dream is that one day Julor Basics will transform my weekend passion into my everyday reality. Until then, it helps bring balance to my professional life and a creative outlet to my personal life. I like to think these two very different worlds are independently helping the other’s success.

The bee soaps are so gorgeous, how did you come up with the design, and do bees have a special meaning to you?

Yes, it’s all about the bees. They are absolutely fascinating creatures who play an important role in sustaining our local ecosystem and food supply. It has been said that humans would survive no more than 4 years if bees suddenly disappeared. So it’s important that we look after our bees and promote their busy work. Healthy bees, healthy planet.

The interior of our home is filled with many bee inspired home wares and treasures. During spring our garden is also full of busy bees, my favourite time of year. I love to arrive home and see them working hard, buzzing around the lavender patch. I try to incorporate bees into all my products, whether it's our busy bee shaped olive oil soaps, our beeswax candles or the bee design on our Julor Basics logo.     

Busy Bees Grapefruit Olive Oil Soap

All your products are natural/organic, is this of a particular passion for you?

Absolutely, how many times do you look at products only to find a long list of unrecognizable ingredients? We need to be a lot more conscious about the products we use on ourselves and around our home.  

At Julor Basics we have made it our focus to return to traditional methods, creating luxuriously mild soaps without the long list of chemicals and preservatives that can affect the harmony of our skin’s natural oils. Ideal for cleansing and moisturising the most sensitive skin types our busy bee pink grapefruit soaps are based on a centuries old recipe from the Spanish region of Castile using extra virgin olive oil, buttermilk and lye, essential oils of pink grapefruit and pink clay. Yes, that right … just 5 basic ingredients.  

The smooth and velvety texture on your skin is one of the most distinctive characteristics of olive oil soaps and simply has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. As a natural moisturiser olive oil soaps won’t leave your skin feeling dry and itchy like many commercial brands.

Similarly beeswax candles are help to purify the air. They are the only candle to neutralise dust, odours and other toxins floating in the air. When they are burning negative ions are released which causes all those positively charged nasties to simply drop to the floor. They are the cleanest burning of all candles with little, if any smoke. Mother Nature's very own balancing act.

Beeswax candles may be more expensive than other candles but they are considered the Queen Bee of the candle world. With a very high melting point they typically last longer than most candles. They also release a warm honey glow with a subtle natural scent that isn't too overbearing. 

We all need inspiration in our lives – where do you go to be inspired?

The answer to that question is simple. The Yarra Valley and everything that it represents is a big inspiration for me. I have been incredibly fortunate to travel the world during my studies and now with my career. But, as they say, “home is where the heart is” and my heart really does belong to the Yarra Valley, where I have lived most of my life.  

Otherwise, I love being surrounded by beautiful things. Mixing the old with the new, the simple with the decadent, the French style with the English style, treasured times with old friends and meeting new friends.

Instagram: @julor_basics

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