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I am lazy. I would much rather read a book than go out and exercise. But I know exercise is good for me. Going out for a walk with Harry in his pram was the extent of my fitness regime. Luckily I was introduced to the wonderful fun of Kangatraining by a lovely mum from my Mothers' Group earlier this year.


What is Kangatraining? Well, it's a mum and bub fitness class with a difference. You don't just leave your little one on the floor to amuse themselves (though you can if you want to) while you work out; you exercise WITH your baby.

The class starts with a warm up with you holding your little one in your arms. Exercises include lunges and knee raises. Harry naturally loves the overhead lift and squat which is probably the toughest warm up (well for me anyway with my weak little arms).

After warm up is where the real fun begins. You place your little one in your carrier (which can be hired from the studio if you don't own one) and dance to some of the latest songs. It might not sound like much, but with your baby attached to you it becomes quite a work out! The class finishes with some leg repeaters and cool down stretches.

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At my first class, I'd only ever put Harry in the carrier twice and both times he protested quite loudly. This was probably due to the fact he was already grumpy when I thought to use the carrier. So I was a bit unsure how he would be during the class. Suzanna (our gorgeous instructor) checked that I had the carrier correctly fitted, and Harry seemed quite comfortable. I thought that all the movement from the dancing would disturb him, but I was wrong about that. He fell asleep within the first couple of songs! Kangatraining is now where Harry gets his morning nap.

The beauty of carrying your baby during the workout is that the intensity increases in conjunction with the growth of your baby. So every week, you're increasing the weight you're lifting without even realising it!

The beautiful video above shot by the talented Courtney Holmes showcases what Kangatraining is all about. You'll be able to spot Harry and I having a grand old time!

Find out more at Kangatraining. There may be classes running near you. You can also read about another mum's experience with Kangatraining here. And you can watch the Today piece on Kangatraining here. Is this the type of exercise that would appeal to you? Let us know below.

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