Fight Dementia in Australia

Dementia is a disease that affects so many hundreds of thousands of Australians and growing each day. It is a disease that causes a progressive decline in a person's functioning. Dementia can happen to anybody, and that is the scary part!

Finding a cure is very close to our heart as a close family member suffers from medium to late stages of Dementia. Diagnosed at the early age of 57 in 2010, it has changed her life and our lives forever. But we will never give up hope and we remain positive that in the near future, a cure will be found. And for that reason we are committed to helping this great cause!

You can help by either donating directly to this amazing cause by simply clicking on the link below or purchase any product from our store and we will donate a portion of the sale on your behalf.

To help fight this terrible disease and with your help, Harrison & Co is committed to donating a portion of all proceeds to Dementia Australia with the aim of donating $5,000 per year.

Australia must unite and help fight Dementia! 


The Family @ Harrison & Co

Harrison, Fiona & Danny

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